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Allergy Awareness Series

Diagnosing Food Allergies | Health Cosmos

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Identifying and Treating Allergies

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Allergy Awareness Series / Diagnosing Food Allergies

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Food Allergy Awareness Series: Diagnosing Food Allergies

Dr. Gadi: Frequently food allergies can be over diagnose or misunderstood for example strawberries we find in many many patients tell us that it should be strawberries chicken you to paint and then with that done three hours later they break out and it turns out that you need a special enzyme to digest the pigments to so many children if they consume too many strawberries might break out into hives only because they live thus necessary . so this is a typical case of a child possibly be mistaken with the strawberry out so we diagnose food allergies some may develop a reaction by consuming less than eight perhaps that if you are eating a bag of walnuts all sap of them and the next day you're not feeling so good you probably don't . however if you touch the wall not just bit into it and within minutes of folks ought to close to probably happen so we speak about food allergies didn't want to classify what form of the allergen discussing this will be equal to eight one hyper sensitivity to those of the dangerous food allergies to take that sent people to the emergency rooms and then there was only phase reactions right height for hyper sensitivities which may cause dermatitis eggs and things like that.

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