Allergy Awareness Series
Allergy Awareness Series

Is it Indoor or Outdoor Allergies? | Health Cosmos

Published on: June 22, 2017 at 11:44:14 Viewed 64

Identifying and Treating Allergies

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Allergy Awareness Series / Is it Indoor or Outdoor Allergies?

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It’s key to identify in what situations the onset of one’s allergy symptoms occur. Then, proper treatment can be administered.


Dr. Gadi: So many patients will ask me how can they differentiate indoor allergies from their outdoor allergies answer to is actually quite simple . I asked the question to where you feel yourself if you feel get outdoors . guess what suffering from outdoor allergies . if you feel get indoors weather would wake up in the morning was soo nice to get back into your house your allergies . the next question is what is it a trilogy to endorse or the outlaws the laws of this sentence might be pretty much the same difference is going to be in . we ate which is one we go back to taking a detailed patient history you can elucidate a lot about what certain patients allergy is based on what time they're feeling the symptoms if they wake up with it it's probably dust mites and their bad if it happens soon as they get into work everyday and it happens Monday to Thursday to Monday to Friday then you know that something that they be exposed to outside of the most likely if it happens at different seasons that you would assume it's an outdoor allergens so alot has to do with how first . someone might be in what our kids about the environment and what symptoms they post with the dramatic elf production .

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