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"An anesthesiologist is a medical doctor, who by virtue of training and experience, has gone into the care of patients undergoing surgery." Doctor Dinner, Anesthesiologist of New York Presbyterian Hospital Weill Cornell Medical Center, explains jut what an anesthesiologist is and delves into the many subspecialties within the framework of the anesthesiologist.


Doctor Dinner: Anesthesiologist is an medical doctor who by virtue of training and experience has gone into the care of patients undergoing surgery. Anesthesia is a specialty within the framework of medicine. People who are qualified as anesthesiologists have chosen a path after medical school where they will train for a period of four years in the specialty. Within the field there are a number of subspecialties so that while there are physicians who are anesthesiologists who are also generalists and do everything, there are physicians who concentrate on just pain management. There are also anesthesiologists who concentrate on doing just obstetrics and gynecology. Anesthesiologists who do just cardiac surgery, anesthesiologists who do just pediatrics, who concentrate on the care of children.

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