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Bed Bug Series / Do it Yourself Treatment

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Trying to solve bed bugs on your own? You're probably making the problem worse. Phil Hennebry, principle and owner of Hennebry Pest Solutions LLC, explains why it is important to call in the professionals when it comes to bed bugs. These aren't your average pests, and it's going to take a lot more than an over-the-counter spray to solve the issue.


Phil Hennebry: Bed bugs are very resilient, I don't recommend a "do-it-yourself." You could do it yourself for maybe some ants or some other type of pest. Bed bugs are a lot more detailed. People can go to the store, buy just a regular, you know, do it yourself spray over the counter. Uh, the bugs, one or two might die in it, but over the counter products, they're very limited in what they can do and they're very limited in the residual that they leave in the structure. All you've done with that particular problem is you've spread that problem. You've now chased the bed bugs from maybe their hiding spot, maybe you found one spot, and now you've spread them some place else. The challenge with bed bugs is what they become immune to. Personally, myself in my business with my son, we have found that the products that we use, we do have to change them continuously because the type of bug that we're dealing with becomes immune very quickly to products that are put down. I've seen many home owners try and then call a professional, and the problem is totally out of control at this stage. But most professionals, if they're honest, will go to your home for free, explain to you what they've found, leave you documentation, and try to explain to you, put your mind at ease, that this is a problem that can be solved by a professional, together with the home owner.

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