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Bed Bug Series

Introduction to Bed Bugs | Health Cosmos

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Bed Bug Series / Introduction to Bed Bugs

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Did you know you can't feel bed bugs bite? Phil Hennebry, principle and owner of Hennebry Pest Solutions LLC, describes what exactly these pests look like, where they're lurking, and just how much of a threat they can be.


Phil Hennebry: That whole connotation that's associated with bed bugs, they're nasty, they're filthy, and they are. Bed Bugs look very similar to ticks, just a little smaller. Uh, the adults are reddish in color, brown-reddish in color. When they feed the tend to grow a little larger. And basically their whole purpose is to suck your blood. And the biggest challenge with bed bugs is where they hide. They're gonna hide in every crack and crevice in your home, they're gonna live in your mattress, in your box springs, in your curtain rods, in your basement. Bed bugs are not found in any particular spot in the home but they do tend to follow body heat, and they will travel from room to room to find that body heat. They have three generations a year so they're, they're constantly reproducing, and they're mostly nocturnal. You're not going to see them until night. When they do bite you, they freeze the spot that they bite, so you're not going to feel them. So you're sleeping at night while bed bugs are crawling all over your body and all over your skin. From what we hear from entomologists, bed bugs can live and survive without sucking on a host for a year and a half. So they're not the nicest creature to have living, co-habitating in your home.

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