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Published on: February 16, 2017 at 15:37:31 Viewed 43

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Better Food for a Better Life / Anti-Inflammatory Diet

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You know what foods usually cause your indigestion, but did you know there are foods that can help prevent it? Lana Levy, MS, RYT, a nutritionist at Just For Today LLC, points out the most common inflammatory foods, and shares the best types of non-inflammatory foods.


Lana: There are foods that cause inflammation in our digestion tracts, and what exactly is an inflammatory response? It will be a feeling of cramping and bloating, for some people it can be gas or diarrhea, and those are things that obviously you want to avoid. Gluten is one inflammatory food, another is fatty foods, processed foods, also for some people it can be caffeine. If you're okay with one cup of coffee a day, that's not so bad. For some, more than that can cause an inflammatory response in the digestive system. Another form of an inflammatory food are dairy products. There are a lot of people that have trouble digesting diary or are lactose intolerant. There's another source of inflammation, which can happen if you're one to consume a lot of artificial sweeteners, especially those that are sugar alcohols that you find in a lot of sugarless gum. Anti-inflammatory foods are foods that are good for you, and make you feel good and promote a healthy digestive system. Anything that is an Omega 3, what you find in salmon or sardines, or in walnuts, all of those healthy fats, especially what you find in avocados or olive oil, those are forms of foods that are anti-inflammatory.

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