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Better Food for a Better Life Series

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Better Food for a Better Life / Building Confidence

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Despite popular belief, confidence boosting doesn't come from anyone else, it comes from yourself. Lana Levy, MS, RYT, a nutritionist at Just For Today LLC, helps you to build your own confidence, starting with your diet.


Lana: Confidence is something that we all want to achieve, and it is possible and there are things that you can do in your life to help improve your confidence and how you feel about yourself. One of those things is following a healthy diet. Another is exercise. Doing things that make you feel good, doing things that show that you care about yourself and your body and your health, are ways of promoting and increasing your confidence. I always tell people that if you eat well, you feel well, if you eat poorly, you feel poorly. So if you eat a healthy diet, you'll feel more confident and people will see that about you. Confidence is something that's really important regardless of how old we are and what phase in our lives we're at. So if you're going to college, for example, sometimes we go away to school and that's where we hear the term of gaining the freshman 15. So really knowing how to maintain a healthy body, follow a diet that makes you feel good, or exercise plan that helps you feel good, is a good place to start. And as you get older, the same things come into play. You want to maintain that healthy mind and healthy body when you get older, as well. Unfortunately, our metabolisms as we get older are not the same that they were when we were kids, so you want to continue to adjust what you're eating and adjust how you're exercising, so that way you're still promoting a healthy body and a healthy mind, regardless of your age.

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