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Tips for Surviving the Holidays | Health Cosmos

Published on: February 16, 2017 at 13:56:52 Viewed 50

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Better Food for a Better Life / Tips for Surviving the Holidays

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Instead of giving in to the inevitable holiday weight gain this year, why not learn to keep it under control while still enjoying yourself? Lana Levy, MS, RYT, a nutritionist at Just For Today LLC, has some tips for keeping up with your diet during the holidays, without sacrificing your favorite dish.


Lana: Holidays are a problem for people because there's a lot of pressure to eat certain things. The other problem is that people feel that if it's Thanksgiving they're going to be having a big heavy meal, so they tend to starve themselves for the entire day prior eating dinner. And that's actually a really bad idea. The best thing to do is go about it like a typical day, have a good breakfast, have a good lunch, and even if you snack before Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas dinner, that way you don't sit down at the meal and you're completely starving. The holidays are definitely a time to enjoy yourself, so if there's a specific dessert or side dish, or something that you really enjoy, have that be the one thing that's going to be your indulgence. If there's a lot on the table, just give yourself a moment to take it all in and decide, what is the thing you're going to indulge in for that holiday meal. The other tip that I recommend to people is try to limit the amount of alcohol that you drink. When you drink, it tends to lower your inhibitions, and it makes you eat much more than you normally would. Another tip to surviving the holidays with your family is that don't let people bully you into eating things that you don't want. Even if your grandma or your aunt tries to convince you that they baked this cake or that pie with lots of love, try to tell your family members that you are following a healthy diet and that this is your priority right now.

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