Children with Diabetes
Children with Diabetes

Developing a Healthy Diet Strategy | Health Cosmos

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Children with Diabetes / Developing a Healthy Diet Strategy

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"I felt like I could potentially feed him something that could shoot him sky high and...felt like that would be my fault." As a parent, feeding a child with diabetes can be a stressful task. However, many parents have found ways to make feeding their families affected by diabetes a positive experience. Watch more to find out how.


Rachelle: Up on diagnosis I was very concerned about Rajon's diet, just me preparing the meals make me very very nervous because I felt like I could potentially feed him something that could shoot him sky high and you know, feel like that would be my fault.

Richard R. Rubin: You might think that your goal is to control your child's blood sugar or to control your child's diabetes, but that's not it. Your goal is helping your child learn to control his or her own diabetes and blood sugars. Even if your child as young as four or five years old, that child wants to and needs to be involved in making decisions.

Megan: You don't have to completely change your diet, just watch it. A lot of people say, "You can't eat that, there's too much sugar." No, you just got to watch your insulin. Well I definitely changed the way I had to eat, because I have to weigh my food, I have to watch what I eat, I had to really, like, watch the serving size on labels.

Rachelle: It's pretty overwhelming initially, scary, overwhelming. You're trying to figure out what you need to do to keep your life as normal as possible, but you're also trying to figure out how you can absorb all of the new information that you need to, to live your new life.

Donna: You have to look for foods high in fiber. The fiber allows you to take less of a shot because that can be subtracted from the carbohydrates, so we started reading labels more. I don't think I've ever read label, but all of a sudden you start realizing how much sugar is in food. I think its made us smarter. They don't snack as often as they used to, they're probably not as unhealthy as they used to be.

Richard R. Rubin: The importance of goal setting when it comes to diabetes is a complicated one, because on the one hand, you could think the goals are simply, "What's the number supposed to be, how many times a day are you supposed to check your blood glucose, what should those blood glucose numbers be at home, what should your A1-C level be?" That's a good goal, you should have that goal. You certainly should be checking your blood glucose several times a day, you should be eating healthy, but there are other goals as well and for me the overriding goal, is that balance between good blood glucose control, good diabetes management and a happy family. And so my goal is always, you got to find the balance and the key to finding that balance is making sure that all the members of the family are playing there role in the diabetes care. Your kid, no matter what age, should begin to play an active role. You and your spouse, if you're lucky enough to have both of you in the house, should be paying that role, and any sibling also should be playing a role. And that the way you get the goal of diabetes control and the really ultimate goal of a happy family life together.

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