Decoding Dyslexia
Decoding Dyslexia

Dyslexia - David's Story | Health Cosmos

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My Life / Dyslexia - David's Story

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After realizing he had a reading disability at the age of 10, David began to experiment with ways of coping with it. He finally found the perfect solution and continues to use it to this day. What was it?


David: My name is David Smith. I'm from - originally from Texas, I now live here in New York City. When I was a child, around about 10 years old, I noticed that I was having trouble reading and writing, and doing math. I would get numbers mixed up a lot, I would mix up my letters, and I kept getting really confused and my grades really suffered. My dad actually suffers from dyslexia as well, and so he decided to take me to a therapist. At that time, they gave me these prescription glasses that were tinted in purple, and what they would is it would help separate the words so I would not get them all confused. I could really notice a big change in my reading and math. However, at the time I grew up in a really small country school and I got teased on a lot. And when I was in maybe sixth or seventh grade, emotionally it really took a big toll on me. You know I wanted to fit in and I felt the glasses more did a detrimental to me than really helping me at all. I started trying to find other methods to help me cope with my reading disability. I also have used overlays and they come in multiple colors, and it helps differentiate the words so I'm able to read them more clearly and no one has really bothered me, teased me, or anything like that. What I would tell other people that are suffering from a reading disability, or disabilities in general is to seek help. That is the first thing that you need to do is surrender and say you know what, I need help. It's better to come up front and say, you know, this is what I got and let's deal with it head on instead of hiding it.

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