Depression and Anxiety
Depression and Anxiety

Anxiety & Depression - Alex's Story | Health Cosmos

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My Life / Anxiety & Depression - Alex's Story

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Anxiety and depression can make it hard to just get through the day. There are many things that can trigger it, but there are also ways of treating it. Watch Alex, a recent graduate, tell some of the things that triggers her anxiety and how a combination of medication and therapy is helping her live her life the way she wants.


I'm Alex. I'm 22, and since I was about 15, I have been working with depression and anxiety. And I used to have depressive episodes. Actually every year around the same time when school started. One day I might just wake up and feel upset. Feel anxious. Have pain in my chest, and it just hard to get through an entire day like that. It's like having a day long panic attack. I have anxiety when I go home to see my family because I don't have a great relationship with them. So that makes it harder leading up to, and that also effects whoever I come into contact with before I even go home. You know, it effect my relationship with my boyfriend to some degree because he doesn't quite understand how somebody can be anxious about "nothing". It may seem like it's "nothing", but to me it's something. I didn't think to really go to therapy until my sister was in therapy, and that's how I started medication. And in December, I decided that I was going to come off the medication to see if I can just cope with therapy. But it was very, very hard to do. I went through a lot of physical withdrawal symptoms. I had a lot of light headed-ness, light body-ness, and I kind of had a depression crash almost and an anxiety crash. So around that point I decided that maybe coming off the medication wasn't such a great idea for me because I wasn't coping as well as I thought I was. Now I just graduated school and I'm still on my medication and I'm still in contact with my therapist. We do have phone appointments and I email her. I do at some point in my life want to come off the medication cause it's not something I want to live with for the rest of my life. But that being said, I'm starting a new chapter in my life. I just graduated from school. I'm trying very hard to start my career in this wonderful big city, and hopefully I can keep, you know, the depression anxiety at a level point so that I can cope and succeed in my life.

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