Depression and Anxiety
Depression and Anxiety

Anxiety - Erica's Story | Health Cosmos

Published on: October 27, 2016 at 15:40:59 Viewed 107

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My Life / Anxiety - Erica's Story

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Anxiety is a condition that can be random and be very uncomfortable mentally and physically. Watch Erica, someone who copes with anxiety without medication, tell her story, and how practicing different types of yoga help her cope with her condition.


My name is Erica. I'm from Chicago, Illinois, and I suffer from anxiety. It was just kind of random and I wasn't doing anything stressful, and I don't believe I was stressed out at the time, and I had like an episode where I... my heart beat started racing and I shake. Just like an anxious and really uncomfortable feeling. So I went to the doctor and had to wear 24 hours heart monitors and go through different testings, but it's kind of a random occurrence. So they could never track it, and they wanted to put me on medication, but I didn't really want to. I kind of preferred to handle it myself, now that I have a better idea of what's going on. The worst par of having anxiety to me is, well in my case, how it just happens randomly and how sometimes it feels as if I really can't do much about it, and I'm just like anxious and shaking. I get hot and cold flashes, and it's just really uncomfortable. Instead of taking medication to deal with my anxiety, I do yoga, and I like to do hot yoga once a week, and then the other time I do just your original yoga. But for me it helps because it kind of helps you center yourself and it teaches you really good breathing techniques. I have managed ways to cope with it without using medicine, and I also have my friends and family understand my condition, and it can't get really any worse than it has been. It's only going up from here.

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