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College Stress - Daniel's Story | Health Cosmos

Published on: October 27, 2016 at 13:02:57 Viewed 83

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My Life / College Stress - Daniel's Story

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The pressure to get good grades coupled with crammed studying can make finals season both a stressful and unhealthy time in any college student's life. In this episode, Daniel takes us into the world of a typical college student during finals season, and how he came out alive.


Hi my name is Daniel, I finished finals a few days ago, and I'm just recovering from the whole finals deal. And before that, I always scheduled time to work out and to run, and I usually avoided falafel, and pizza, and everything like that, but once finals came everything was scheduled for studying, and I was pulling all nighters, and I was eating fast food exclusively, and I could tell. My body was rejecting it, and not letting me sleep, and I was just in a constant state of disarray, and just being uncomfortable all the time. And now I'm finally just starting to feel like a person again, you know I'm eating food that a person should be eating, I'm eating fruits and vegetables, here I have avocados, cheese, and whole wheat bread. I'm biking around New York City, I made a schedule for working out. My goal for the summer, is to get back to eating healthy and working out. Good grades don't come from stressing yourself out, and putting that much pressure on yourself. It comes from studying hard, but it comes from looking at important things. Without a good sleeping pattern, without a good diet, good grades aren't gonna come.

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