Depression and Anxiety
Depression and Anxiety

Seasonal Depression - Sharon's Story | Health Cosmos

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My Life / Seasonal Depression - Sharon's Story

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It has long been said that living in Seattle can bring about feelings of depression & loneliness, but no matter where you live, whether it's the Pacific Northwest, or New York City, how can you overcome the feelings of seasonal depression can that affect us all on the shorter, colder, days of winter?


Sharon: Hi, I'm Sharon, I'm 47, and I suffered from depression in the past. When I lived in Seattle it rains constantly, fall and winter, it's just a rainforest, and I think with being in that state with no sun constantly, I think it just like pushed it over the edge. I would get to a point to where, I could be washing dishes, and I would just break down, I could not and I could not stop crying. I had stopped answering the phone, I had stopped showering, and I just knew that I had to come to the conclusion that I was not in my right mental state, it was just, I felt like I was in a black hole. I finally got to a point, it was just in stages, I got angry, I went to the doctor, I got medication, but I wanted to really do it in a healthier way. I started to get off caffeine, you know was a really big thing, a lot of green teas. A lot of fish, and kale, and leafy vegetables. I had to make it fun, so instead of using the salad dressings, I read online, maybe to use olive oil, flaxseed, and just fresh lemon juice. I would eat healthier, fruits, I would lay off the sugar, and just rain or shine, I got up and power walked, power walked. And I noticed a change in my body and my brain even, because when you walk, or any kind of exercise, it releases these endorphins, and you feel pretty good afterward, but its just getting yourself to do it, and stay consistent. I take no more medication, and the way I feel now when I look back, I feel a tremendous difference from in the past till now.

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