Dr. Fieve Depression
Dr. Fieve Depression

Recognizing Depression in Children | Health Cosmos

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Depression Education Series / Recognizing Depression in Children

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How can you tell when your child has gone from timid and shy to depressed? Dr. Ronald R. Fieve, head of the Fieve Depression Center, located at 952 Fifth Avenue in New York City, has the answers, and the cure is a simple one; a must see for parents everywhere.


Dr. Fieve: Children, adolescents, college kids, they start withdrawing. They may be non-communicative, you try to talk to them, how do you feel, do you feel depressed, they may deny the whole thing. If the child starts withdrawing from friends, from people, even from the family, goes to the room alone, shuts the door, that is very suspicious, and this occurs very, very frequently. If you have a child in a prep school for instance, and suddenly you don't get any communication with this child, that is very worrisome, this child may be depressed, you gotta keep communication with your children when they're out of the home. If they go to prep school, if they go to college you gotta keep that communication, you can't get into fights when the two of you are not talking for 3 months, cuz during that period children oftentimes get depressed, getisolated, their marks start failing, they get suicidal. You go to the different private schools today around the country, you've got suicidal attempts right and left.

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