Dr. Fieve Depression
Dr. Fieve Depression

Recognizing the Signs of Depression | Health Cosmos

Published on: January 13, 2017 at 11:39:39 Viewed 55

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Depression Education Series / Recognizing the Signs of Depression

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How can you tell if someone you know and love is suffering from depression in silence? In this episode, Dr. Fieve, head of the Fieve Depression Center, located at 952 Fifth Avenue in New York City, breaks down the symptoms to watch out for when diagnosing someone as being depressed.


Dr. Fieve: The signs are, lack of food intake, they start starving themselves. This is a severe sign, when you see someone that is losing weight constantly, unable to put on weight. The other thing is the isolation. The third thing is if they're in school, or not in school, if they're working, they can't get to work anymore. We're talking about a severe depression now, they start losing time at work, they start losing time at school, they stay at home. Those are the signs usually. Lack of going to school, lack of going to work, losing weight, and total isolation. And you gotta talk to these people, and say you're depressed, even if they're saying they're not depressed. You gotta confront them with this, and try to get them to communicate with you to talk about the depression.

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