Dr. Fieve Depression
Dr. Fieve Depression

Warning Signs in Suicidal Depression | Health Cosmos

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Depression Education Series / Warning Signs in Suicidal Depression

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What can you do when a loved one crosses the long from being depressed to being suicidal, and what are the predominant signs of a suicidal person? Dr. Ronald R. Fieve, author of the recently published book "Bipolar Breakthrough," is here to give you the answer.


Dr. Fieve: When a person mentions suicide in a casual way, you take it seriously. You gotta ask the patient, they you're seeing on a weekly basis, have you had any self-destructive thoughts, have you had any suicidal thoughts, have you had any passive suicidal thoughts, which means like, oh I'm gonna walk across the street, and I hope a car kills me. So you gotta ask that question, and someone in the family has gotta ask that question, cuz if you don't, that means to the patient, that nobody is in touch with them. No one is really in communicating with them. Let's say the person denies the suicidal thing, they totally deny it. If you see weight loss and more withdrawal, that is next to suicide. Now when you're talking suicide to a patient, and they say well, I've had some suicidal ideas, the next question you ask is, have you got a plan? If you have a plan, we're talking getting a gun out and shooting themselves, taking an overdose of pills, or going in, and hanging themselves in the closet. That's the plan, that goes to the hospital right now, because I consider a casual mention of that, a very serious thing. If you don't, one of those times, you're gonna miss it, and they're gonna go on and do it.

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