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Published on: December 2, 2016 at 11:51:10 Viewed 105

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My Life / Fostering A Positive Self-Image - Nick's Story

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"It was something that was very harmful towards my self-esteem." Nick was bullied often during his adolescence for his appearance, which led to agoraphobia, social anxiety, and alcohol abuse. Eventually, he discovered how to put an end to it; watch as he gives crucial advice to anyone facing self-image issues today.


Nick: Hi, my name is Nick and I had suffered from self-image issues. In, uh, my adolescence I had been made fun of for looking a little different, uh, people had made fun of me for the shape of my head. At the time it was very hurtful to me. People would give me nicknames such as long head, or square head, or jaw boy because I have a pronounced jaw bone, and this was something that would impact my interactions with people. I was fearful that they'd be judging me based on the way I look and it was something that was very harmful towards my self-esteem. In terms of how this affected me psychologically, it certainly impaired my ability to speak with girls, when you start developing an interest in girls. It made me feel less confident in, uh, in approaching people. It gave me, uh, perhaps a bit of agoraphobia or a social anxiety where I was concerned that I couldn't go somewhere. I think it probably also impacted some substance use where I needed to drink to feel comfortable. And so, I think it impacted me in a--in a variety of, uh, very negative ways. When I first realized it was a, uh, a bigger problem than I had anticipated I figured it would be better to be honest with people around me regarding the situation. I spoke more candidly with my, uh, my mom and my friends to let them know that it hurt my feelings and it wasn't something that I thought was very positive and that I didn't appreciate. And I realized that it is something that could be managed very effectively if I was more honest with those people. So my sense of self-worth is now much better. I find the, uh, substance of my interaction is what guides me a lot more. I look for people that are friendly and kind, and so I feel great now and it's been really good being honest with people. For anyone else who's getting picked on I would suggest, uh, reaching out to your friends or being more open about how it hurts you. Sometimes people may not be aware of the fact that, uh, them singling out how you're different constantly would make you feel bad. Also just by sharing it with people you might get some really good advice from some family or friends about how to cope with it or strengthen it, or maybe establish some, uh, some better friendships if your existing relationships aren't treating you well.

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