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Published on: December 1, 2016 at 10:27:37 Viewed 56

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My Life / Love & Friendship - John's Story

About this video:

First comes love then comes marriage, we all know the rest of the rhyme, but when it comes to love, which comes first? Friends, lovers, or nothing? Meet John, a self-proclaimed relationship guru, whose wise words can impact anyone's love-life for the better; this is his story.


John: My name is John, and I'm giving my opinion on relationships. I believe if you have someone who's a friend first, that is the best relationship you can have, because without friendship how can you become lovers, because we can wine and dine her, put on the rap game with a new car, new sneakers, but if you got a woman who loves you as a friend, she don't care what they driving, she's gonna be there for you. I tell you what, I went through the whole gambit of wining and dining, but the longest marriage I ever had before my wife passed away from ovarian cancer, if she hadn't, we'd still be together, is because we got past the what color shoes I wear, what brand, Nike or Adidas, and we learned to love each other and know each other first. And I think that's the best relationship that a man can have.

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