Herniated Discs (Sport Related)
Herniated Discs (Sport Related)

A Frightening Diagnosis: Sean's Story - Part 1 | Health Cosmos

Published on: November 5, 2014 at 13:36:19 Viewed 114

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Herniated Disc Series / A Frightening Diagnosis: Sean's Story - Part 1

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How can you tell when numbing pain in your hand is a sign of something much worse? For Sean, he would soon come to learn of the complexities of the human body first hand through a frightening discovery; this is his story.


Sean: My name is Sean, I'm 43 years old, and I was diagnosed with herniated discs, C3 and C4. The pain started to the right of my spine, and quickly grew, and traveled down my arm. It wasn't long after that I started to go numb in my hand, that certainly was intimidating. One morning the pain became excruciating. I went into the emergency room, and they asked me what the pain level was, and I told them it felt like a 10, but was probably an 8 or 9. The MRI showed that I not only had one, but two herniated discs, C3 and C4. I was able to learn from an orthopedic specialist the extent of my injury." Dr. Tehrany: "The disc is like a jelly donut, inside the bone there's a disc, the disc is the jelly donut, so when that can get herniated, the jelly can squirt out of the donut, and it can press against the nerves. There's a point at which, depending upon who you are, the nerve pressure and damage goes from one point to being reversible, to being irreversible, and that's the concern.

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