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Preventing Dangerous Blood Clots | Health Cosmos

Published on: June 8, 2017 at 11:47:16 Viewed 84

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Hip Replacement Series / Preventing Dangerous Blood Clots

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"Every patient will be given some form of anti-coagulant to protect them." Doctor Thomas P. Sculco, Surgeon-in-Chief at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York, explains how it is critical that patients receive anti-coagulants to prevent the formation of blood clots.


Dr. Sculco: The main medical problem we worry about is what we call thromboembolic problems. These are problems related to deep vein thrombosis, clotting that occurs in the vein system working on the limb. And all patient are treated prophylactically to prevent those from becoming a major problem. So for example after surgery every patient has mechanical pumps on their leg, to pump the blood from the leg. Every patient will be given some type of anti-coagulent. Might be aspirin. Might be coumadin. Might be heparin. Something will be used for 4-6 months. To protect them.

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