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Meet Dr. Konstantin Balashov

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Dr. Konstantin Balashov
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Multiple Sclerosis / An Expert Introduction: Meet Dr. Balashov

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A multiple sclerosis professional, Dr. Konstantin Balashov offers a personal introduction that surely paints a picture as to why so many patients seek his expert attention.
Meet Dr. BalashovMy name is Dr. Konstantin Balashov. I'm an associate professor at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School which is one of the medical schools I created with Rutgers University. On most days, I do see patients in Robert Wood Johnson Center for Multiple Sclerosis and Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick, New Jersey.Also, I teach medical students and neurology residents and it's my passion to run clinical studies. Why did I choose to become a physician and Multiple Sclerosis expert? Well, I recollect one of my days in high school when my mother took me to a lecture and what I understood that medicine is thrilling and extremely interesting area but we don't have tool which is available to make correct and fast diagnosis and they don't have treatments for many disorders.Multiple Sclerosis is a disorder which affects 400,000 patients in the United States. They are young people who have to suffer from this disease and I really want to get involved and to help to discover what's causing Multiple Sclerosis and such, we can come up with a cure for Multiple Sclerosis and to help these 400,000 patients to have a normal life.I feel that we are on the right track. The progress over the last 20 years is just exciting. We are able to apply MRI and to make diagnosis for MS more precise and done at early time. We have 11 medications which were not available 20 years ago and more medications are coming. So, I hope at least in this century, we'll be able to discover the cause of MS and come up with a cure for this disease.
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