Park Ave Endocrinology Type 2 Diabetes Series
Park Ave Endocrinology Type 2 Diabetes Series

A Self-Management Disease

Published on: May 26, 2017 at 10:42:25 Viewed 131

Dr. Clifton Jackness

Type 2 diabetes, obesity

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Type 2 Diabetes Educational Series / A Self-Management Disease

About this video:

Have you ever replaced any meal with a shake or vitamins? Find out in this episode what it takes to self-manage yourself into eating the right foods when you have diabetes. 


Dr. Gage: So alternative therapies, you know a lot of patients who want to go the all natural and not use medicine, I have no problem giving you a fish oil, Omega fish oil, chromium, banaba. I don't mind having you take a shake as a meal replacement we know that that works not just the short term but long term, but they have to understand that they can't just think that you can take a bunch of vitamins every morning and then get the effect of not getting into trouble they have to work, it's not just supplements.

Dr. Jackness: It takes discipline to manage diabetes between doctor, patients and patients' families as well it's a real team effort and we really take pride and managing the disease to eliminate those symptoms but it is a self-management disease. Sometimes I feel like I want to call home with my patients and I want to figure out how to cook for them and want to go to restaurants and tell them what to order, but it really is a self-management disease so it really takes the repeated effort from the doctor, myself, my team, the patient to show up here and keep an open mind and I tell everybody on their first visit here that I am not grading them on their diabetes management, we’ll figure out a treatment that works for a person, works for you. It really is a true partnership between the doctor, my team and the patient.

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