Park Ave Endocrinology Type 2 Diabetes Series
Park Ave Endocrinology Type 2 Diabetes Series

Dr. Gillian Goddard | Health Cosmos

Published on: May 25, 2017 at 15:07:44 Viewed 399

Dr. Clifton Jackness

Type 2 diabetes, obesity

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Type 2 Diabetes Educational Series / Dr. Gillian Goddard

About this video:

Meet Dr. Goddard and find out what she specializes in, her philosophy on dealing with patients and what the doctors at Park Avenue Endocrinology have to offer. 


Dr. Goddard: My name is Gillian Goddard, I am in practice at Park Avenue Endocrinology in nutrition and I personally and have a little bit of the speciality in different diseases and pregnancy and weight loss I feel like my philosophy is to think about the whole piece and I think sometimes in Madison we can get a little bit caught up especially these days in numbers and test results and forget that there's a person sitting in front of you who is having symptoms and may be feeling so well I think it's important to take into account all of course you know the tax than the numbers are helpful but you really have to think about the person who's sitting in front of you and your goals should eat what their goal is which is to help me at Park Avenue into college you really offer her a false peak of service is thanking the ball strikes you provide the kind of hear that he would want to receive ourselves .

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