Park Ave Endocrinology Type 2 Diabetes Series
Park Ave Endocrinology Type 2 Diabetes Series

Life Threatening Complications

Published on: May 26, 2017 at 10:35:38 Viewed 134

Dr. Clifton Jackness

Type 2 diabetes, obesity

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Type 2 Diabetes Educational Series / Life Threatening Complications

About this video:

Diabetets is a very serious disease and in this episode find out how important it can be for your body to find it early on from Dr. Jackness and Dr. Gage. 


Dr. Jackness: Diabetes is so serious as a disease and it really can lead to many other problems. It effects really an inflammatory cascade with the nerves and arteries. Basically we call it "guk" or "gunk" and it sticks into arteries that are trying to clear themselves out of this blood sugar that causes really bruising internally and that bruising manifests itself in healing processes that are known as plaques. Diabetes is so important in the progression of cardiovascular disease because plaques build and because diabetes effects nerves, people can have heart attacks and not even realize they had a heart attack before it's too late or they may have had a silent heart attack because the diabetes doesn't allow the patient to feel the heart attack happening.

Dr. Gage: But then you get what I call microvascular disease, so the small small vessels in your body are effected and the first signs that we can see of that are in the eye because we have a picture and that's where you get the capillaries and small vessels breaking open and causing aneurysms. The capillaries out in the kidney, sclerosing the filtering system so that you start losing kidney function. We actually have shown that if you study diabetics 90 percent of them have some neuropathy already and neuropathy is caused by small vessel disease. What happens is the nerves get damaged but it's a fascinating thing a lot of people think that feet supposed to feel tingly or "oh I walk a lot my feet are always tingly I always get burning" and that's why you got to scream you got to look. It's amazing how many people we've diagnosed with either peripheral artery disease or neuropathy that we caught early and that's something very critical, we all want prevention here. 

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