Rare Tumor (LAMN)
Rare Tumor (LAMN)

Sean's Medical Journal - Part 2

Published on: November 11, 2014 at 18:51:26 Viewed 351

colonoscopy surgery, rare tumor, herniated discs, health filmmaking

Rare Tumor Community / Sean's Medical Journal Entry II - Diagnosis

About this video:

In this video in the middle of the night only 6 hours after my surgery, I discuss my family history and the observations of my gastroenterologist, Dr. Roger S. Klien, MD of Summit Medical NJ leading to my CAT scan and foreshadowing my tumor diagnosis. I will also talk about my goal with ColonCosmos and ask others to 'follow/support' the cosmos and add their own experiences and thoughts through comments and video clips. I was admitted to Mount Sinai, Upper East Side, New York City under the care of Sergei Khaitov, MD F.A.C.S., Assistant Professor of Surgery in the Department of Colon Rectal Surgery (www.mountsinai.org).

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  • Sean Moloney 21 November 2014, 9:17
    If any one else has experienced a rare tumor diagnosis, I encourage you to follow me and start your own HealthCosmos. Together we learn!
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