Rheumatoid Arthritis Education Series
Rheumatoid Arthritis Education Series

Rheumatoid Arthritis: Then vs. Now | Health Cosmos

Published on: March 28, 2017 at 11:01:03 Viewed 39

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Rheumatoid Arthritis Education Series / Rheumatoid Arthritis: Then vs. Now

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Although a diagnosis with any condition can be a scary thing, it should not stop you from seeking the proper medical care that you need to live your life. In this episode, Rheumatologist Dr. Ariel Teitel, stresses just that, and he provides comforting words to those struggling with a recent rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis.


Dr. Teitel: Rheumatoid arthritis is thought to reduce life expectancy, that keeps changing, but generally people have said that it can reduce your life expectancy by 10 years, but different data's coming out about that so hopefully it's less and less loss of time, each time we look at it. Back when I started, they would bring people that were crippled, totally mutilated and deformed, and you don't see that practically at all now, except in cases where people have no access to medication or, for whatever reason, sometimes mental illness, something, or whatever reason that they're not able to get to a doctor, or refuse to get care, or whatever. Every medication has its pluses and minuses, so don't let your fear, of the medications, stop you from seeking help.

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