SHARE Breast Cancer Support
SHARE Breast Cancer Support

Deciding on a Doctor Amidst Disease

Published on: November 4, 2014 at 14:20:47 Viewed 55

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SHARE / Deciding on a Doctor Amidst Disease

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Breast Surgeons, Breast Reconstructive Surgeons, Oncologists, oh my! With so many doctors available to treat your breast cancer, which one is right for you? Watch now, to gain expert advice from the ladies of the SHARE Breast Cancer Support Group, and make the decision that's right for you.


Sheila: One doctor recommended that it's a good idea if your breast surgeon knows, and is comfortable with your reconstruction surgeon, so that they can work together, and I think that's an important message. 

Jane: The right doctor for me was the reconstruction surgeon who my gynecologist sent me to. She was totally remarkable and explained every detail of the surgery, and the different kinds of surgery, and I immediately decided on trans flap reconstruction; it would give me the most natural looking breasts, and she explained that it would be a long recovery, she was just wonderful.

Sheila: I just feel, a sort of chemistry, that you think you like this person, that he's warm enough. Definitely shop around, and don't feel like you're hurting anybody's feelings by getting more than one opinion. Some of us feel, you know, that doctor might get insulted, but go do what you have to do.

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