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Stress Management Series

Public Speaking Stress: Part 2 | Health Cosmos

Published on: April 27, 2017 at 15:49:14 Viewed 56

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Stress Management Series / Public Speaking Stress: Part 2

About this video:

Debbie Mandel, a stress management expert, discusses in the second episode of two, how to alleviate stress the day of a public speaking presentation. What key things should you remember to do on the actual day of your presentation? It's also important to remember that action, not reaction to stress, is the best plan in helping you maximize the most in preparing for a presentation.


Debbie: If you're nervous the day of a presentation, I would suggest that you eat properly before. Lean proteins to keep your intellect going, and complex carbohydrates; the brown foods, the multi-grains, the oatmeal if its breakfast, to drive that serotonin production so that you calm down. Now start your visualization like a great athlete before a competition. You see yourself walking to the podium, you look at the audience, you open up with a remark, you have their attention, you have energy eye to eye. Then you see yourself completing it to a resounding applause, as you leave the stage. Keep seeing that, and then you actualize what you see and what you perceive; you will make it happen.

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