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Stress Management Series

Sex as a Stress Reliever: Part 1 | Health Cosmos

Published on: April 27, 2017 at 15:40:48 Viewed 71

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Stress Management Series / Sex as a Stress Reliever: Part 1

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Debbie Mandel, a stress management expert, discusses the ways in which sex can be a stress reliever, for women in the same ways that it can be for men. How do women view sex, and just how important is it to them? Why aren't most women able to fantasize about sex in the same ways that men do, and what should women learn to do in order to quell the fears of acting on sexual impulses and fantasies? Sex is a healthy act that women should learn to not shy away from. Rather, embrace it for the good that it can and does do.


Debbie: When we are stressed, this is the point when it's difficult for women to have sex. A woman has to be able to receive, she has to relax. And when a women has a lengthy to do list, she thinks that sex is one more things on that to-do list. Many women look at sex as I have to accomplish, I have to accomplish an orgasm; they can't relax. Many women sense of their imagination as if, "oh I can't think this," or they're afraid to act out their fantasies. But sex is one of the healthiest things because it really lowers our blood pressure, it improves our immune system, we have a release of oxytocin; and it's a bonding hormone, and we feel really good.

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