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Stress Management Series

Sex as a Stress Reliever: Part 2 | Health Cosmos

Published on: April 27, 2017 at 15:29:32 Viewed 48

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Stress Management Series / Sex as a Stress Reliever: Part 2

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In this second episode of two about sex as a stress reliever, Debbie Mandel a stress management expert, discusses the difference between men and women with respect to how they view sex, and the conflicts that these views bring into a relationship. How do men and women view sex differently when it comes to relieving tension? The important thing to remember about sex is that it's a wonderful and a joyous thing to be enjoyed by both men and women equally.


Debbie: Now men are able to have sex when they are stressed; that's they're release. Now this is the problem that couples have, she's stressed and she doesn't want to have sex; he's stressed and he needs to have sex to unwind. And this is where we have to realize that the process of sex is so joyous and so wonderful, and that once a woman gets into this process she will enjoy it. And, once you do that, you want to establish that continuity day after day. You really like it; we have to not put a task to sex, and change it up. Novelty is wonderful, and this is what really keeps you whole mind, body, spirit.

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