Type 1 Diabetes
Type 1 Diabetes

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Act 1 Diabetes Adult Support Group / Having a Child with Diabetes

About this video:

Having diabetes is hard enough, but imagine growing up with diabetes? Meet the ACT1 Diabetes Adult Support Group, and watch as they give a window into what it's like to grow up with diabetes, and the advice they give to parents about raising their child who suffers with diabetes.


David: When I was first diagnosed, I didn't want to tell any of my schoolmates, wow I have a disease, I don't wanna to tell people that. 

Venus: Growing up as a teenager you go through all of these different changes with your blood sugar, what you can eat, and what you can't eat. 

Tricia: Growing up with it was interesting, the lows I had in elementary school, I'd wake up in the nurse's office, oh I'm here again, didn't know why. The lows are embarrassing, and you don't wanna talk about them after. 

Lindsey: In school I thought, if I had out glucose tablets, people don't think it's weird that I'm sticking them in my mouth all the time, oh and we all have them, its like sweet tarts, yeah; until a kid came in and, everybody stop, my mother said you're gonna get diabetes because you're eating glucose tablets. 

David: I remember the first day back at lunch, I picked up a white milk, and a kid actually asked me, nobody drinks white milk, grab a chocolate milk, and I said, well my mother said I shouldn't. Your mother's not here, drink a chocolate milk; you got a point, you know. I drank chocolate milk everyday after that. Parents have to get the child to understand, you have to be proactive with this, you can't let others dictate to you, the kid's not a doctor. Parents have to get kids to understand as much about the disease as possible, which means of course, the parent has to understand as much as they can about the disease.

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