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Hypoglycemia - Andrea's Story | Health Cosmos

Published on: November 10, 2016 at 11:21:35 Viewed 66

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My Life / Hypoglycemia - Andrea's Story

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We often don't realize the impact that unhealthy habits can have on our lives both now and in the future. Oftentimes its better to make the choice to change today rather than later. Andrea, who suffers from Hypoglycemia, agrees. It's all about understanding the choices that can impact our bodies for better or for worse; this is her story.


Andrea: I was in college and I had, you know those slices of cupcakes that's in the package, I had one of that and I had a peach nectar. Both of them were loaded with sugar. I lie on the desk the whole time, the whole hour and a half of class. I first went to the doctor, he told me it was all in my head. There was nothing wrong with me. I switched doctors, went to another doctor, and the doctor said 'everything was fine, but I check your blood sugar, and it was low'. And he said 'because you just ate, your blood sugar shouldn't be that low'. And he did a glucose tolerant test, which helped him to see that there was some problem going on with my glucose level. The worst thing about having to deal with this was being tired, waking up tired even after you have slept 8-9 hours. Right. And sometimes not even being able to think straight, because your not physically well. You don't feel well. One of the things that I think that worked was actually going to a nutritionist, talking to a nutritionist, understanding how food impacts your body, how it process in your body, and understanding my plate has to be really the one third starch, the one third vegetable, and the one third protein. That balance was what kept me from having this up and down thing in my body. I think when you talk about going through health issues and having to deal with stuff, once you understand what you need to do, and you understand the impact of it, so I made sure eating healthy was a choice and it was something I decide I was going to do, because I didn't want to have to deal with this on a ongoing basis. If I can prevent something from developing into a worse condition by eating properly and eating more frequently, then why not do it?

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