Type 1 Diabetes
Type 1 Diabetes

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Act 1 Diabetes Adult Support Group / The Power of a Diabetes Support Group

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Diabetes, like any disease, can be a scary and frightening thing because it is a daily struggle with ever changing blood sugar levels, but as the ACT1 Adult Diabetes Support group tells, through past triumphs and hardships, it's always easier to go through it together than alone.


Venus: Sometimes having a disease like this that you deal with everyday as we all know, can be very draining, and tiring, and frustrating. 

Christina: When you have Type 1, your sugar is not just a little elevated, it's suddenly very high, and the danger of that is that we can go into DKA, and the danger of that is that, you know, it's a scary thought, but you can die.

Lindsey: When my complications had gotten really bad, I was on the tail end of 7 major eye surgeries and ear surgeries, I was not in a good place, and I don't think I would have ever gotten through it, without having the support group.

David: My issue is that I get to try and stop others from having them, it's sort of a fulfilling purpose for me. Some people don't like that how I just come out and say, hey look at my leg wounds, I think it helps. You know, when someone sees that on me they're like, oh my god, that actually happens, it's not just something that my doctor says, you gotta be watched.

Genevieve: Being with other people that know what it's like really helps, because I felt like I could do it. I was actually able to deliver a baby girl, healthily last year, actually today's her birthday. It's one of my biggest accomplishments. 

Lindsey: The best thing about your pregnancy, was that you allowed us to be part of it, no it's true, when you had your baby, wasn't it all of our collective baby? We all successfully got through it, and you know she was healthy, and gorgeous, and precious, and beautiful, squeeze her; as much as it was probably annoying for you, that was all of our's baby. 

Genevieve: I'm still learning to live with diabetes, it's good to have people around, and have no judgments, cuz we're all through it together.

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