Type 1 Diabetes
Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 Diabetes: Sarah's Story - Episode 2 | Health Cosmos

Published on: November 4, 2016 at 14:23:48 Viewed 62

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My Life / Type 1 Diabetes: Sarah's Story - Episode 2

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Type 1 Diabetes doesn't have to define your life. After finding a routine of blood sugar management that works for you, a healthy and normal life to the fullest can await you. In this, the second episode of two, Sarah takes us through her daily activities and tells us how Type 1 Diabetes has and has not affected her life; this is her story.


Sarah: When I wake up in the morning, I'm always testing my blood sugar, fortunately I can tell very quickly if my blood sugar is high or low, cause I can feel it. When it's low I feel shaky and weak, when it's high I feel a little bit cranky, tired, and I adjust my insulin on a sliding scale based on what my blood sugar is, which actually gives me greater freedom to eat the things I want or have meals later in the day, because I always have a little bit of insulin running through there. From talking to other diabetics I've found this is a common thing, it's called the pizza effect. Apparently pizza, when you eat it, it doesn't spike your blood sugar right away, but a couple of hours after you eat it, I've noticed my blood sugar rising greatly. So, I'll always take more insulin if I'm eating pizza. Another thing that I've noticed that effects my blood sugar is heat sometimes, adrenaline, which no one ever told me, you know if I was playing a big sporting event, and I was really pumped up for, or anything like that. It doesn't really interfere with my love life, the only thing that I get a little bit worried about is that it burdens him sometimes. You know, when I get low blood sugar, sometimes I get mood swings, and it's something that gets a little bit scary. You get confused when you're blood sugar is low, so he knows all of the symptoms of that now, but for him to even have to worry about that is of course on my mind. I never look at having this disease as a why me why me kind of thing, because this is one of the only diseases where you can live a normal, healthy life, if you take care of yourself. I've had a job in the city for awhile now, I'm in graduate school, I'm in a relationship, I have a great boyfriend, and I'm really enjoying every second of life.

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