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Vinyasa Yoga

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Lana  Masor
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Vinyasa Yoga / Stick & Head-to-Knees Poses

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In this episode Lana Masor, MS, 500-RYT, guides you through a series of asanas known as Dandasana (Stick or Staff Pose), Baddha Konasana (Bound Angle Pose), Janu Sirsasana (Head-to-Knee Pose), and Adho Mukha Vrksasana (Hand Stand at the Wall). These asanas are excellent at improving digestion, preventing sciatic pain, stretching the muscles of the legs and groin, as well as improving balance.


Lana: Dandassana (Stick or Staff Pose) Into Seated Forward Fold "This asana is called stick posture, because of the straight lines formed in the legs, arms, feet and spine. Inhale here lifting through the crown of the head. As you exhale, reach for the feet, releasing the heart down towards your thighs. Inhale to come up, lengthening through the spine, up through the crown of the head." Daddha Konassana Bound Angle Pose or Cobbler Pose "Inhale here lengthening up through the crown of the head. Exhale draw both both feet in toward the groin, hold the feet with the fingers on top and thumbs in the soles, releasing forward. Inhale to come up, lengthening up through the crown of the head." Janu Sirsasana Head-to-Knee Pose "Bring the right foot to the inner left thigh, inhale and exhale, creating length through the side body, lifting out of the shoulder, trying not to collapse. Reaching forward lengthen through the spine as best as you can. Inhale and exhale, creating length. Inhale slowly as you come up." Adho Mukha Vrksasana Hand Stand at the Wall "Set yourself up so you're about one hands distance away from the wall and begin in downward facing dog. Step one foot forward, and bring both feet up towards the ceiling, flexing strongly through the feet. Internally rotate the thighs, narrowing the outer hips in, creating length in the hamstrings, soften the lower ribs."

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