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Lana  Masor
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Vinyasa Yoga / Vinyasa: Why We Practice

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There are many reasons to begin a yoga practice. What's yours? Lana Masor, MS, 500-RYT, shares her story of how Vinyasa aided in her grief counseling, and gave her physical and mental tools that she continues to benefit from.


Lana: I started practicing yoga in early 2007. In December of 2006 my mother passed away from cancer and I was seeking help from a grief counselor and she was the on who suggested that I try yoga, more for relaxation purposes. So I started going to a class maybe once a week, twice a week, just for that purpose of finding my breath and relaxing but before I knew it I became so enamored with the physicality of the practice. I decided I wanted to teach yoga, probably early 2010. I was completing my masters at Columbia in nutrition and exercise physiology and I wanted to share with people not only my passion for nutrition, by my passion for exercise. My favorite yoga poses are heart openers, a few examples are: Ardha Chandrasana, which is half moon pose, or Utthita Trikonasana, which is triangle pose, another one is Ustrasana, or camel pose. These are all considered heart openers and I find that they're very empowering to practice. Vinyasa has helped me in my life by showing me how sting the human body is, and it also continues to challenge me everyday. It also offers me the opportunity to focus on my breath, to be more mindful, to help me focus on things that I want to achieve in my life.

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