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My Life / Bikram Yoga - Ally's Story

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There are many types of yoga that one can practice. Watch Ally talk about one type of yoga called Bikram yoga, where you exercise in a heated room. Listen to her and some of the benefits she get's out of doing it.


I'm Ally. I'm 27. I just started doing yoga a couple months ago. It's Bikram Yoga. Its heated, and its in about 105 degrees for 90 minutes. The reason I started this kind of yoga is cause I had heard that it was very good for you, that it was good for your health. They constantly tell you throughout the class the different health benefits with each pose. Going to law school is definitely a challenge, and it's very stressful worrying about your grades and where you going to find a job. It's something I definitely think about all the time everyday. So doing yoga is a nice way to relax, to forget about that, and just spend some time thinking about myself and my body, what's good for me. And they walk you through every position every class. It's definitely challenging in the beginning, and you won't make it through the whole class. You have to stay in the room, so you lay down and rest, but, you know, after a few classes your sort of able to do more and more, and you feel really great after wards, and very accomplished.

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