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My Life / Power Yoga - Margaret's Story

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When the word yoga is mentioned, people often have this view of spending a ridiculously long amount of time doing insanely difficult poses, at no real benefit to your body. Margaret on the other hand, is here to tell you the positives & the fun that comes with consistently practicing the art of Power & Vinyasa Yoga; this is her story.


Margaret: Hi, I'm Margaret, and I'm here doing some Power Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga. I have been doing yoga since I was 18, my mom took me for my first class, but I really didn't get really into yoga until I was in college; and it was a great stress relief, and it was a way to feel worked out and stretched, and also I feel like there is some expression in it, because as you're going through the postures, you do make it your own, and you kinda get into a flow. Doing yoga on a consistent basis has definitely improved my health, my lifestyle, you know it's affected the way I eat because, it's kinda a whole process of continuing day to day to support the body, which is our vessel. When you're doing these poses, a lot of them are not easy, and when you're pushing yourself, you have to be okay within the pain, within your tired, your muscles are shaking some times, and you have to choose to be okay in that. And I think, just like in our lives, even though there is so much going on around us, and I think with yoga, you learn how to be okay in the pain, and in the tired. Even though people may think they don't have time, most yoga classes run like an hour, and I think it's a great investment for your life, and productivity, and energy. Some people do it everyday, but if you could do it three or four times a week, and start to feel the changes inside your body, and the way that it spills out into your daily life, I guarantee that you'll wanna keep going, and you will find time for it, if you make it a priority, you can find time for it.

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