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My Life / Yoga Butt - Karen's Story

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Karen talks about her yoga butt. But she is not talking about how great her butt looks she is talking about how terrible it feels. Watch and listen to Karen as she discusses recovering from an exercise injury. Her secrets include acupuncture, physical therapy, and rest.


Karen: When I first said to my friends, I got yoga butt, they were like, that's great I want yoga but too, and I was like, actually you don't want yoga butt. Yoga butt is basically when you overstretch the top part of your hamstring. It is actually pulling away from your butt muscle which is very excruciating. What people typically do which I was actually doing, I was like, oh I need to stretch more, and I went to class and I was talking to the teacher afterwards and she was like, you shouldn't be stretching it more you should actually be doing nothing. I am not someone who likes to slow down and rest and that is one of the key things that people do not understand is that when you are injured you actually need to rest and that is what your body is telling you to do,it's telling you to rest. And so I started doing physical therapy which is actually really great because they help to strengthen the actual hamstring muscle but I am also into acupuncture too so I decided let me go and try acupuncture to see if I could speed up the process a little bit. So they poke the needles in and sometimes it feels like fire your body like an energy release, sometimes the needles hurt they say they don't but they do I am not going to lie, and sometimes it doesn't feel like anything at all. And it really depends on the treatment. Last week when I got the treatment I felt really tired and thirsty. I went home afterwards and toady I just had a treatment about two hour ago and I feel really energized. I have really relearned the importance of how to rest and really listen to my body and I have just been jumping back into my regular activities but slowly and more cautiously.

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