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Published on: November 10, 2014 at 15:13:32 Viewed 193

Lana  Masor
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Prenatal Yoga / Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

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One of the best things a woman can do while pregnant is familiarize herself with the changes in her body. Lana Masor, MS, 500-RYT, explains the benefits of a prenatal yoga practice, and the advantages it provides to a pregnant woman's physical and mental health.


Lana: There are so many changes that go on in the body of a pregnant women, so attending a prenatal yoga class is a wonderful way to familiarize yourself, and become more comfortable with the changes that you're experiencing in your body. A lot of women experience during pregnancy, increased flexibility in the body, so it's really important that modifications and props are used so that we don't overstretch parts of the body. A lot of women also experience joint pain, so bringing attention to that during a yoga practice is really important. A lot of the pain that's experienced through pregnancy or even labor is because women are holding on to that tension in the body rather than learning how to breathe through it; and a prenatal yoga practice is essentially important in teaching you how to breathe, and how to breathe through that pain that you will experience in your body during pregnancy and during labor. There are so many benefits to a prenatal yoga practice; so many OBGYN's today recommend to their patients that they seek out a prenatal yoga class. If you're interested, don't be afraid; find a class that's convenient for you and you'll meet a lot of wonderful women that are going though a similar time in their lives. You will also learn how to breathe; you will also learn how to move your body ruing your pregnancy and it will help alleviate a lot of stress and a lot of pain that you might be experiencing.

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