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Published on: November 5, 2014 at 15:14:50 Viewed 151

Lana  Masor
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Prenatal Yoga / Standing Yoga Poses

About this video:

In this episode Lana Masor, MS, 500-RYT, guides mothers-to-be through some standing poses which have been modified for her prenatal yoga class. Standing poses such as Warrior II are very good at stretching your hips and groins, relieving backaches (especially through your 2nd trimester), as well as building stamina and concentration which are very important during childbirth.


Lana: Here we're going to do some standing poses, and we're going to start in a warrior 2 position. So Iris is going to bend her front leg creating a 90 degree angle, pressing out very strongly through the pinky edge of her back foot. So we want the pinky edge of the back foot to be parallel with the back edge of the mat. Bringing her arms out in a nice strong warrior position, good, good. And just rolling the shoulder blades down and into the back, taking a nice inhale, and exhale. We also want to be aware of the knee, the knee tracks over the ankle, beautiful. So on the inhale, reaching behind you, in a reverse warrior, and exhale coming back into warrior 2. Good, one more time like this, inhale and reverse, and exhale warrior 2. Good one more time, inhale reverse, and exhale warrior 2. Good, from here you're going to straighten your front leg, good, arm reaching out in front of you, tilting your hips towards the back of the room as you find the block with your right hand. Pressing strongly into the right hand, the top arm reaches as we come into utthita trikonasana, or triangle pose. And you can see here, the blocks function as an extension of the arm, making space for the belly also helping in balance. Taking a nice inhale here, and exhale, inhale, and exhale, good. And slowly making your way back up to stand, good. And you can release your arms down by your sides.

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