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Published on: November 5, 2014 at 15:09:45 Viewed 99

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Prenatal Yoga / Practicing Yoga: Iris' Story

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Iris is a mother of two with one more on the way. While she has experience with pregnancy, each one is different. Iris tells us her story of how she began a prenatal Vinyasa yoga practice, and why she would recommend it to other mothers-to-be.


Iris: Hi, I'm Iris, I am pregnant and I'm in my third trimester. This is actually my third pregnancy so I've domes this before, however each pregnancy is a little different. I was advised to try some prenatal yoga because I had some joint pain, and I wanted to try it because you're limited while you're pregnant doing certain exorcises and I knew that yoga was safe and I knew that I wanted the one on one attention from an instructor. Yoga has actually helped med specifically, I think that with this pregnancy I've had a little bit more anxiety, so even just to help with the breathing alone really brings down a lot of that stress and mentally you feel better which is the most important thing I think. The moves are not meant to be easy, I mean they're meant to challenge you and you want to be challenged because you want to get a level of workout. I think a lot of women who are pregnant are afraid of working out too strong. Pregnant women are way more resilient then they think they are, and it's very important to remember that while you're pregnant you still need to stay in shape; and going through labor, which I've already experienced, it is a workout, you need to be strong. So I recommend prenatal yoga to people all the time, it definitely has aded so much to my overall well-being; I feel stronger, and mentally I just enjoy being able to just be one with myself and be totally in that moment.

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