Zika Virus
Zika Virus

Mild Infection/Severe Consequence

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Zika Virus Series / Mild Infection/Severe Consequence

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Find out from Dr. Petrikovsky about when getting the zika virus some of the side effects you will experience and what can possibly happen to your baby when your pregnant.


Dr. Boris Petrikovsky: Zika is clinically mild infection because
it causes mild symptoms of rash, fever, conjunctivitis which means you
sort of get to red eyes that are itchy, but once Zika virus gets into
the bloodstream of the pregnant lady it can cause severe birth defects
for the baby. Well, the main issue with Zika and some other viruses by
the way as far as how it affects brain development is microcephaly.
Microcephaly, in the simple term is a small head. The baby is born and
the head is disproportionately small. Unfortunately, the microcephaly in
most cases is also associated with severe neurological disorders such
as seizures, learning disabilities, some of them require intensive
continuous care, feeding, etc., but not all cases of microcephaly are
such. And microcephaly usually develops if a woman acquires Zika virus
in earlier stages of pregnancy, but even if in the latest stages of
pregnancy although less common, Zika can cause fetal demise and Zika can
be associated with dilated brain ventricles and calcification, so it’s
not only microcephaly that it does in the fetus.

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