Zika Virus
Zika Virus

Origin of the Epidemic

Published on: May 26, 2017 at 11:57:52 Viewed 103

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Zika Virus Series / Origin of the Epidemic

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Meet Dr. Boris M. Petrikovsky and learn more about the zika virus with what country it came from, types of mosquitoes that carry the virus and much more. 


Dr. Petrikovsky: Zika is a relatively newly discovered infection, associated with the family of so called flavivirus'. It's a single RNA virus and it's being transmitted mostly by mosquito bites, but also through sexual intercourse, fluid exchanges, blood transfusions, and there are possible other ways to transmit zika. There are two types of mosquitoes now that are known to carry zika virus. One is called a tiger mosquito and another one is aedes aegypti mosquitoes. There are known to bite during daytime because most mosquitoes are usually have to dawn and they are pretty aggressive biters. To the best of my knowledge, first time zika virus was described in a zika forest, that's why it's called zika in Uganda and it was in 1947. Its come from rhesus monkeys, it seems that it doesn't appear to cause congenital anomalies in monkeys but once transmitted to humans it's clearly associated with severe birth defects. But specialists in infectious diseases were way off zika presence for many many years before but it really never became a major health issue like now. 

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