Zika Virus
Zika Virus

Transmission and Testing

Published on: May 26, 2017 at 12:00:32 Viewed 69

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Zika Virus Series / Transmission and Testing

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In this episode in the Zika Virus series learn about what happens when you are transmitted with it and where the virus is found all throughout your body.


Dr. Petrikovsky: Zika is being transmitted mostly by mosquito bites, but once Zika virus gets into the bloodstream it gets into pretty much every body fluid including semen, saliva, breast milk, etc. So clearly sexual transmission of Zika virus have been clearly documented, mostly male to female transmission, and it's known that Zika can stay in the sperm for around six months. Well, regarding transmission of Zika viruses from infected mother to the baby, there have been many documented cases. Usually Zika, like other viruses can cross the placenta, get to the fetus and in some cases infect or damage fetal neural cells especially in the brain. Fortunately there are tests now being developed that could test urine, blood, amniotic fluid and if necessary, other body fluids that could be tested for Zika. But it's unreasonable and currently not recommended to test everybody who came from the area affected by Zika but on the other hand, somebody who develops symptoms of Zika infection, such as fever, joint rash, conjunctivitus, those are the candidates for testing.

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