Zika Virus
Zika Virus

Virus Risks in Pregnancy

Published on: May 26, 2017 at 12:01:38 Viewed 81

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Zika Virus Series / Virus Risks in Pregnancy

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Do you know about the stage in the zika virus called viremia? Learn more about it in this episode and the possible risks there are when you are pregnant with the virus. 


Dr. Petrikovsky: Patients commonly ask a question if they get infected by Zika virus, when the Zika virus can affect the baby and especially the baby’s brain. We don't have a very clear answer to that question, but we know that Zika virus during the stage of viremia, it’ the stage when the mother develops symptoms or shortly after that can cross the placenta and within relatively short period of time after crossing the placenta, Zika virus had been discovered already infecting brain cells and affecting the brain development. But unfortunately Zika is not safe even for the remainder of the pregnancy. It causes other ill effects on the baby. Currently management of pregnancy with suspected or confirmed Zika virus should be very individual depending on the circumstances for example if patient is confirmed the she is infected with Zika in certain cases (we) offer amniocentesis because amniocentesis is removal of the amniotic fluid and an analysis of the fluid for the presence of Zika virus. The next step is with serial ultrasounds, the problem is that in general microcephaly sometimes cannot be diagnosed until twenty two or twenty four or twenty six weeks of pregnancy because we see the baby is developing first perfectly normal and that the later stages of pregnancy we see that the size of the baby’s head is lagging so it takes serial ultrasounds sometimes an MRI of the brain to make a clear diagnosis of microcephaly, ventriculomegaly or other problems associated with Zika virus. Unfortunately, currently there is no therapy for Zika in the fetus. Clearly women, if it’s prior to legal age to terminate the pregnancy has an option to terminate such pregnancy, otherwise we just follow up and try to make sure that will provide the best care both for the fetus and the newborn.

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