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Patient Advocacy Organizations

Patient Advocacy Organizations

What it can do

Carry your advocacy efforts to a new dimension with online video and a wealth of new tools and information.
Radically expand the reach and frequency of communications with your members.
Generate new members and new circles of interest and support.
Amplify the power of your website and messages with free video and site management tools.
We’ll even create interview videos for posting, without charge.
Easily post new info, photos, videos and more to share with your community and others.
Track and analyze inquiries, members, followers, supporters, and experts in your own password-protected platform.
Increase member engagement with relevant forums, postings, and discussions.


Simply join HealthCosmos as an organizational member (no charge, of course). Then, using the simple, free tools we provide, create your own online community focused on your specific health topic.

Questions? We’re happy to provide answers. Just contact us.

And check our First Principles.They’re at the center of every community in HealthCosmos.

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